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MOFEW as at 11th June 2010

Booths Officially Sold Out!

THANK YOU for your support! 80 booths were allocated for Online Fashion Entrepreneurs and have sold out TWO MONTHS BEFORE the event! We’ve also been receiving booth enquiries and there are quite a number on the waiting list, waiting for the opportunity to be a part of this truly exciting event at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center – a prime location, crowded especially over the weekends, where fashion gathers – at the heart of Klang Valley.

2,000 Fans and Growing!

In case you didn’t notice, the Official Fan Page for MOFEW 2010 took a giant leap within a span of only TWO WEEKS, hitting the More >

MOFEW is on Shopping Roll!

Earlier this morning, MOFEW 2010 was featured on Shopping Roll, an online fashion review site started around March 2009. Since then, Shopping Roll has been featuring various fashion findings and best bargains throughout the Online Fashion scene!

Shopping Roll will also be joining MOFEW as an Online Media Support to ensure that the latest happenings, updates and activities are well propagated into the HUGE Online Fashion sphere to ensure Malaysian Online Fashion Entrepreneurs are highlighted in this exciting event!

Click here to check them out!

MOFEW 2010 Exhibitors Featured on I.M. Magazine – June Issue!



That’s right! In case you didn’t know, I.M. Magazine have been working closely with us to select Online Fashion Entrepreneurs to be featured monthly, right up to the largest gathering of Online Fashion Entrepreneurs in Malaysia, MOFEW 2010 itself!

In this month’s issue, MOFEW 2010 is featured on their fashion spread over 3 pages, featuring items from Trolley Dollies, Soul Chic, Tanks for 5, Swagdolls, Coco Goddess, La Dolce, Aura Gems and Angel Glory!

For those of you that didn’t make it onto this issue, don’t worry as I.M. Magazine‘s fashion team is always on the look out for goodies to be featured – exclusively More >



The official hash tag for the Malaysia’s FIRST Charity Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend 2010 is up! That is right, the title says it all! Simply add the hash tag when referring to this exciting event so that everyone can go around tweeting, updating Facebook statuses and even chatting using the hash tag!

Just in case you somehow missed it, it is:


Have fun!

MOFEW: The Search

It has begun!

The Search to determine THE Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur has just begun! A solid two and a half month process through three different stages, putting all participating Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ fashion knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to test to reveal the sole winner with a prize of RM70,000!

Stage 1 is a test of the marketing and promotional skills of the Online Fashion Entrepreneurs. Only those with the highest number of votes move on to Stage 2!

How to support them?

1. Simply head over to MOFEW 2010′s official Facebook Page to first ‘like’ the page

2. Browse through the various entries and ‘like’ the Online Fashion Entrepreneur you More >

50 International Vacation Trips by Alligator Cards

Introducing… the Alligator Card – the latest privilege card is here! With it, you get discounts, vouchers, rebates and birthday surprises from our partners along with Touch ‘n Go facilities. Alligator Card also gets you insurance coverage for one year and contributes to WWF. Spot the Alligator Card stickers displayed at various outlets, walk in, flash your card and enjoy all your privileges!

Check out the 50 packs of awesomeness!

Alligator Card is also the proud sponsor of MOFEW 2010 and have already gave us 50 PACKS OF GOODIES to be given away as prizes in MOFEW 2010!

Here’s a sneak preview on what’s in one of these More >

Hurry! Only About 30 Booths Left!

Calling all Online Fashion Entrepreneurs!

If you’ve yet to register, this is the time to do so as we only have about 30 Booths left for grabs and there are only FIVE CORNER units left!

All you need to do is to fill in this registration form and send it back to us via email and you will then receive a confirmation from us to be a part of the LARGEST Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Gathering in Malaysia, with a minimum expected crowd of 50,000!

What is included?

+ Your Very Own 2m x 2m Carpeted Booth Space (click to view how it looks like)

+ Have Your More >

MOFEW is on Fashionista-in-YOU!

Some time last week, Fashionista in YOU came to us and offered to spread this exciting event further by keeping close updates on the latest happenings of MOFEW 2010 and the news is out today!

Fashionista in YOU is an online platform that allows the online fashion community to interact and share tips with one another from food, fashion, makeups, movies, health and more with the believe that it is all about sharing. You can find the latest updates and promotions of sales happening all over, a directory of Online Fashion Entrepreneurs and reviews on Online Boutiques ranging from apparels, shoes, bags, accessories More >

MOFEW iPhone App: End May 2010!

We met up with Fling Rock Studio (iPhone Developer Sponsor) earlier today, and had a go at the very first prototype — Awesome! We were also thrilled to find out that the App will be officially released on the Apple AppStore by end of this month!

What can you expect from the App? … as an Online Fashion Entrepreneur / Exhibitor?

- Have your Boutique placed in the MOFEW iPhone directory! (only iPhone Subscribers will be listed)

> Have your booth highlighted on the floor plan (booths by non-subscribers will not be present at all)

> Have your contact details displayed (logo, website, email address)

> Have More >

Official Magazine – I.M. Magazine

I.M. is symbolic for the words ‘I AM…’ and it is an open-ended statement left for you to fill in the blanks. I.M. Magazine is all about inspiring people, celebrating Malaysians as bold individuals, giving them a fresh perspective on what drives and makes them “tick” as Malaysians. It not only represents Malaysian Individuality, but also aims to be a platform for young urbanites to connect, hear and most importantly, to be HEARD!

I.M. Magazine has been appointed as the Official Magazine for the upcoming Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend 2010. Pick up a FREE copy of this magazine to receive exclusive updates, vouchers, freebies More >