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MOFEW @ Malaysian Today [Mysterious Markers Roadshow]

In case you’ve yet to realize, Malaysian Today is the Official Youth Publication of MOFEW 2010! Malaysian Today is a bi-monthly youth publication, published every first and third Thursday of every month which focuses on Youth lifestyle, happenings, events, entertainment and sports!

MOFEW Malaysian Today, 1 - 14 July 2010 Issue

And if you’ve picked up the latest issue of Malaysian Today (1 – 14 July Issue), you’ll be pleased to find that MOFEW 2010 is featured in that very issue! Want a copy? Malaysian Today can be found in selected colleges and universities / Starbucks / Coffee Bean / Secret Recipe outlets and many more hot spots More >

Progress of Rara Black & Tres Tresors in MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1)

MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1) – Top 25 Revealed!

After 30-days of heated competition among 70 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia, only 25 of them made it through Stage 1 where their marketing and promotional skills were put to test in which their success is measured through the number of votes (likes) gathered via Facebook.

The Journey of Stage 1

Stage 1 has been unpredictable with several Online Fashion Entrepreneurs such as Chiino Pieces, Nakalicious, Prettiesroom69′s, Dark Beads, Itsy Beadsy and Shop.Alot gained a sudden boost towards the end of the competition, immediately surpassing many others, leaving little room to be counter-voted.

Click for larger image

Mystique Boutique also proved herself as a worthy competitor in Stage More >

MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1) as at 30th June 2010, 12noon

From 1st June 2010, about 70 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs went head to head in a heated competition to reveal who is THE Online Fashion Entrepreneur of Malaysia in conjunction with MOFEW 2010. The contestants were to gather as many votes as possible on Facebook utilizing their marketing and promotional skills in a span of 30 days and we’re only left with 11 hours before 25 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs will qualify to Stage 2!

Below are the current standings as at 30th June 2010:

  1. Rara Black: 555 votes
  2. Très Trésors: 542 votes
  3. Mystique: 225 votes
  4. Supermodel’s Secret: 202 votes
  5. My Favourite Tees: 189 votes
  6. Yunique Paradise: 188 votes
  7. My Pandora Box: 180 More >

Official Hair & Makeup – Snips College of Creative Arts

Signature Snips @ One Bangsar

Snips Salon is one of the most recognizable hairdressing chain in Malaysia located at over 10 locations throughout Malaysia including Bangsar, Sunway Pyramid, The Curve, the Golden Triangle in KL and more!

What Can You Expect from Snips @ MOFEW 2010

Snips‘ participation as the Official Hair and Makeup in MOFEW 2010 brings about a great complement to this exciting fashion event. Snips will be showcasing their talents in both hairdressing and makeup through the FIVE fashion shows we will be conducting throughout the 3-day event PLUS an exclusive hair show from Snips on the 3rd day of MOFEW (15th August 2010).

Goodies More >

Official Release of MOFEW’s iPhone App

Today marks a significant moment for Malaysia’s First Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend 2010 as we release the FIRST EVER iPhone App in Malaysia with the sole purpose to highlight Online Fashion Entrepreneurs nationwide! The MOFEW App will now be downloadable for FREE throughout the AppStore over 92 countries worldwide, an awesome beginning for the Malaysian Online Fashion Scene to be recognized globally.

View the Official MOFEW iPhone App Ad below:

What’s in store in this App UNTIL MOFEW 2010:

- Exhibitors Listing

- One-Touch visit to Exhibitors’ Online Boutique

- One-Touch Exhibitors’ contact

- Filter through Fashion Categories to your liking

- Browse through the Exhibitors’ Catalog

- Event More >

MOFEW mentioned on BFM 89.9

A couple of days ago, Yean from Mystique Boutique (a participating Online Fashion Entrepreneur) called us to inform us that she’ll be going on air on BFM, a business radio station in Malaysia (89.9 in the Klang Valley) for an interview and she was wondering if it was appropriate for her to mention MOFEW on air.

We, as organizers were excited to know that the participants such as Yean is able to get the opportunity to be featured on air, using it as a platform to expand her business and at the same time, recognizing MOFEW as an avenue for Online Fashion More >

MOFEW is on Doll Sanctuary

Doll Sanctuary is a relatively new site featuring items from Online Fashion Entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia and Singapore, organizing them into various categories e.g. tops, skirts, bags, swim wears and more in just a single click!

Doll Sanctuary have recently come on board MOFEW 2010 by featuring this exciting event! Note that Doll Sanctuary is in the midst of a major upgrade therefore expect to see a major revamp from them soon!


EMERGE is the leading corporate web hosting solutions provider in this region with over 70 staff, managing over 25,000 corporate websites for clients ranging from SMEs, multi-nationals and government institutions since 1999 and still growing. EMERGE has won several awards such as the Golden Bull Award (2007) – the most prestigious and representative business annual award, SME Recognition Award also in 2007, the Brand Laurette Award (2007) and also the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award to Mr. Raymond Chee, the founder of EMERGE.

Awards acquired by EMERGE's industry excellence

MOFEW is honoured to have a prestigious Web Hosting solutions provider on board, More >

MOFEW is on Night Owl Says

Night Owl Says

Night Owl Says – perhaps one of the few Online Fashion Review sites that actually tells the unrevealed truths of Online Fashion Entrepreneurs whether they are good or bad. A place for end consumers to share their purchasing experiences with Online Fashion Entrepreneurs, to share their frustration during negotiations and transactions as an Online Fashion Entrepreneur, and everything else that revolves around the Online Fashion Scene!

What caught our attention is something that says “Vote for the Worst Blogshop” and of course, there is also “Vote for the Best Service Blogshop” which is more common compared to the first. This is More >

MOFEW is on A Shopaholic’s Den!

Your Sister in Shopping

A Shopaholic’s Den is one of the pioneer in Malaysia’s Online Fashion Scene, one of the very few that have been out there that has been promoting and supporting Online Fashion Entrepreneurs for years and have also been featured in the local media including newspapers such as The Star, The Sun and many more!

A Shopaholic’s Den actively features various Online Fashion Entrepreneurs on a regular basis, highlighting those new in the Online Fashion Scene as a platform for them to gain exposure and frequent review of items and goodies.

Check out what they have to say about MOFEW 2010!

How did More >