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Benefits for Online Fashion Boutiques

Be a part of Malaysia’s FIRST of its kind Online Fashion Directory on the iPhone!

What Can This iPhone App Do For You?

Be subscribed at a minimum investment of ONLY RM88 (non-participants @ RM199)

for a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! (equivalent to only RM7.33 per month!)

Pre-Event Benefits:

1. The App is FREE on the Apple App Store!

2. Be Spotted on MOFEW 2010′s Layout Plan!

3. Publish Exclusive Vouchers to be used during the exhibition!

4. Upload Images of your stocks/products! (people can see your products even before the event)

5. Event Auto-Reminder!

Post- Event Even Greater Benefits:

1. The App continues to be FREE on the App Store!

2. Existing Customers can receive updates from you directly from their iPhones!

3. Easy Update Anytime, Anywhere!

4. App Store = International Exposure!

5. Continue to Publish Exclusive Vouchers (with serial number for your tracking convenience)

6. Continue to Upload Images of your stocks/products

7. Upload Promotional Videos of your Online Fashion Boutique!

Can You Believe It?

At ONLY RM88, You Get All The Above for ONE FULL YEAR!

(RM7.33 per month, that’s even cheaper than online banner ads, printing flyers, distributing name cards and even a Value Meal!)

important note: RM88 is ONLY for Online Fashion Entrepreneurs participating in MOFEW 2010. Normal Rate: RM199

This service is only made possible with our sponsor – Fling Rock Studio.

  • #1 written by Irenelim
    about 4 years ago

    This is nice, really great effort on your part! I want to get listed on the iphone app!…

  • #2 written by Jan Wong
    about 4 years ago

    Hello Irene, the iPhone App will be open to non-participating Exhibitors only after MOFEW 2010 as it will be upgraded into Malaysia’s first iPhone Fashion Directory! :)

  • #3 written by evochew
    about 4 years ago

    Hi, Im interested in the iphone app ad well as your events

  • #4 written by Jan Wong
    about 4 years ago

    Dear Evo, thank you for your kind interest with MOFEW and the iPhone App. As you may already know, the iPhone App is currently only for participating exhibitors and will only be opened up to all Online Fashion Entrepreneurs after MOFEW 10. Perhaps you may also want to stay updated with MOFEW through our Facebook Fan Page ? Also, do drop by MOFEW this weekend to witness it. After all, you may also go home with prizes :)

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