MOFEW 2010 on Corporate Events

Corporate Events, as it’s name suggests, is a B2B magazine that focuses upon corporate events, promotions, marketing and corporate branding activities that are happening in Malaysia.

It’s distribution is only among the corporate sector and SMI/SMEs therefore aligning itself in a very niche environment including major venues with meeting facilities throughout Malaysia, event management, event support, destination management companies, training and coaching companies, professional conference and exhibition organizers, etc.

On 26th March 2010, they officially became MOFEW ’10′s Media Sponsor and have so generously provided us with immediate magazine ads on the magazine cover and a full page write-up!

MOFEW 2010 writeup in Corporate Events Magazine

MOFEW 2010 writeup in Corporate Events Magazine

In this issue (2nd Quarter, 2010), the Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend is featured on the back cover (inside), a strategic position where most people won’t miss!

Corporate Events will also be highlighting MOFEW 2010 once again in it’s July issue (3rd Quarter) and we’re eager to find out what’s next!

(Click on the image on the left to have a closer look on the write-up)