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The Top 8 Have Been Chosen!

After much painstaking effort and tight deadlines, the Online Fashion Entrepreneurs, Models and Fashion Designers for MOFEW: The Search! 2011 have completed their final task! It was terribly difficult to determine the final batch, as the scores were within hairline margins of each other. However, after much deliberation, the best and brightest of the batch were identified, based on the accumulated performance of the Participants from Tasks 1, 2, and 3.

Without further ado, we present to you the Top 8 of MOFEW: The Search! 2011!



Congratulations to all of you! Despite having to perform under pressure and grueling challenges, the Top 8 successfully overcame More >


MOFEW: The Search! Task 2 Leaderboard is Out!

Good evening! As you may already know, the second stage of MOFEW: The Search, put our eager contestants through another round of challenging tasks, to further squeeze out their creative juices. The results of the leaderboard are shown below!


For the Online Fashion Entrepreneurs, their task was to take a photoshoot of their product/service, and ensure that the resultant photo captured the essence of their business, as well as convey the message that was meant to be delivered. The leaderboard for Task 2 as below;


Meanwhile, the models gathered at the studio of, to take part in their next challenge: A More >

Models Leaderboard

MOFEW: The Search! Task 1 Results are Out!

Yes, the eagerly anticipated results for Task 1 are out! After 2 weeks of heavy balloting, the models, fashion designers and online fashion entrepreneurs have finally gotten their first standings!


MODELS TASK 1: Surprise Photoshoot!

During the launch of The Search, the models were tasked to demonstrate their natural modelling aptitude, with an impromptu photoshoot by our professional photographer, Shoot.Com.My!



At the same time, the fashion designers were faced off in a very preliminary task, which was to design an ensemble, based on the theme “I <3 KL!”. After 2 weeks of slavering away, here are their enchanting pieces!



And of course, the online More >

A colourful set, courtesy of Soul Chic.

MOFEW @ mySimplifieds Community Meetup

It was a cold Saturday morning that saw the eager MOFEW team and the MOFEW: The Search Top 8 (well, 5 out of 8 ) gather together to set up shop at the mySimplifieds Community Meetup event. The venue of choice was at the luxurious Teeq Brasserie, Lot 10 Rooftop, which was temporarily converted into an opulent hall, just enough to seat the 100-odd guests cosily, with room for booths to spare. (more…)